Renewable Links

I believe that we are all precious resources. Sometimes the immediacy of the issues that face us and our planet can seem so pressing and all-consuming that we don't notice the opportunity for deep contemplation that winter brings, the first buds of spring, the summer breeze, or autumn’s brisk arrival. We don't take the time to rest, reflect, enjoy the natural world around us and do the things that bring us joy. Embracing opportunities to create, rest and renew are essential to sustaining ourselves, each other and the world. I hope the following list of resources will encourage conscious leadership, creativity and self-care.

It is my intention that this collection of resources be interactive. If you know of a nonprofit organization, foundation, or scholarship program that supports opportunities for renewal and creativity, please send the contact information to my email address,, and I will add it to the list. Check back in to see what your colleagues are adding.

Music and Memory Foundation
Walter Guzman Retreat Center
John Rodriguez Scholarship Fund
James P. Shannon Institute for Leadership Development
Rockwood Leadership Institute
Occidental Art and Ecology Center
Center for Courage and Renewal
Commonweal Arts and Healing Institute
Stone Circles
San Francisco Foundation Multicultural Fellowship Program
Alliance of Artist Communities
The Greater Good