About Renee

Bay Area based singer, creative life coach and arts philanthropist, Renee Hayes (aka “The Goddess of Irrational Harmony”), believes that a nutritious mix of creativity, diversity, community, harmony and irony, can feed the soul. She describes her musical style as 'eclectic acoustic soul' and  'James Taylor meets Dianne Reeves meets Godzilla.' Her diverse musical performance and recording experience includes: pop, R&B and folk bands; gospel, jazz and classical choirs; musical theatre; a cappella ensembles; numerous jingles; back-up vocals for various artists and two recordings with her award-winning whimsical soul a cappella group, The Irrationals.  Renee (whose name means 'renewal'), has a long history of supporting people and organizations that are dedicated to creativity and sustainability.  Real musicians have day jobs.  Renee is the Associate Director of Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund (GFTA).

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